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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. I want to send an e-Newsletter through Muragala e-Ad Agency. How can I do it?  

A. You can mail your designed e-Newsletter with the subject and the sender’s name to info@muragala.com email address. If you haven’t a design, you can send the relevant pictures / photos and the details to us to create a design for you. Then we design your artwork and send it for your conformation. If you want to make any changes, you can inform us with the changes need to be done. After finalized the design we book a date for you and circulate your e-Newsletter on the booked date.


Q. How can I make the Payment?  

A. You can make the payment directly to our bank A/C. We send you all the required bank details with the invoice. Please remember to write your name in the writing box of “REF. NUMBER” of the deposit slip to identify your payment.


Q. Why don’t I get Muragala e-Newsletters even I have subscribed?

A. A. Soon after you subscribed your email address, a confirmation mail will receive to your mail box. After you confirmation your subscription, then you will receive Muragala e-Newsletters. If you can’t see the confirmation email in the inbox, check the SPAM /Junk folders. If you have received the confirmation mail to SPAM /Junk folders, mark that mail as “Not Spam” (Tick on the mail and then click on “Not Spam” button) and add the Muragala e-Newsletter sending email address of listmaster@muragala.info or listmaster@senkadagala.com to your address book. Thereafter in the “inbox” open the confirmation mail and click on the confirmation link. Thereafter you will receive Muragala e-Newsletters.